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Progetti Kardinsky

Cuckoo Wooden Wall Clock

Inspired from the art of Kandinsky, designed by Barbero. It is made of three intersecting circles of different sizes and colors.

Nomon Barcelona Mini

Modern Designer Wall Clock

Bring innovation in design to your interiors with Mini version of model Barcelona from Nomon.

Nomon Atomo

Modern Table Clock

Bring character to your table with Atomo clock from Nomon in modern and minimalist design.

Progetti Burano

Cuckoo Wooden Clock

Cuckoo clock made in wood. Design and colors recall the houses of the famous Burano Island in Venice Lagoon.

Nextime Bella Mirror

Wooden Designer Clock

Wooden clock face with laser-cut floral pattern, this oriental touch sits perfectly on the mirror, forming a sophisticated clock piece that suits all interior.

Tothora Slice

Table Clock

Contemplating time differently and enjoying it with this
handmade table clock in German machinery,
design by Josep Vera.

Haoshi Migrantbird

Modern Design DIY Clock

Migrant birds fly to the habitat with the seasons year after year.

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