Welcome to Just For Clocks!

Shipping Information


1. How long would it take for delivery?
We ensure that all the orders placed on the website is processed in 24 hours (1 business day). The shipments are delivered within 7-9 business days pan-india.

2. Do I have to inform on receipt of my delivery?
Yes, you will be asked to sign a delivery form when your order is being delivered to you where you will have to confirm that the package was delivered to you in perfect condition (without damages to the packing).

3. Can I change the shipping address after the order has been placed?
You can change the shipping address within 12 hours after placing the order. You can reach the Just for Clocks Customer Service Team on +91 +91 98362 56257 or +91 75062 56256. The team is available from Monday - Saturday (10.30am - 7.00pm).

4. Can I track my shipment?
Yes, you can track your shipment after it leaves our warehouse. The tracking number and the website address is emailed to you shortly after your goods have been shipped.


What is Just for Clocks?
Time is a fascinating entity. It makes the world go round. The way we perceive and interpret time is embodied in the time pieces we use. JFC (Just for Clocks) believes that telling time doesn't have to be boring. We thus offer unique range of clocks! We make sure that watching the time becomes a sight to behold. 

What kinds of clocks are sold by Just for Clocks?
The Just for Clocks range can be categorized into 2 types of collection:
  • Timeless collection - This collection includes clocks that can stand the test of time and continue to work its charm on you forever. Trends come and go but these clocks have a distinct aura of timelessness about them, which never fades away.
  • Time of your life collection - This collection about time pieces that add fund and contemporary design to your home or office interior. With distinct colours, shapes and sense of humour being keynotes within this collection, these are clocks that reflect the changing trends of today's fast paced world.
Which are the brands that are sold by Just for Clocks?
Leading brands of the world are retailing and launching their product range in India with Just for Clocks. Enriched by the design contribution of brands like Nomon, Haoshi, Karlssons, Progetti, Kairos, Nextime, Tothora, Present Time and many others, Just for Clocks is recognized in both domestic and international markets as the one stop shop for designer wall clocks. What's even more special is the fact that our cluster of brands keep growing as more and more international labels join us. 

Who are people behind Just for Clocks?
Team Just for Clocks is a family of designer, horologists and technical experts who work in collaboration to bring time pieces that are an extension of you. All the members in the team are united by a common love for the art of time watching. And it's their passion for the craft that makes each and every offering of Just for Clocks .... unique. 

Why should you buy from Just for Clocks?
At JFC, we believe our time is now. With the help of a well-knit network Pan India, Just for Clocks would be present across India. Some more reasons to buy safely from Just for Clocks:
  • Home to the most preferred International Clock Brands of the world
  • Stylish & Exclusive range of clocks and time pieces
  • Unmatched quality at best prices
  • Great after sales service