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About Us

The JFC Tale
Clocks. Our trusted companion since time immemorial. Don't be fooled by their delicate mechanism. They serve a much greater purpose than the simple act of time keeping. Today, the choice of clock defines a person. How a person perceives time is articulately portrayed in their choice of clocks.
After all, every one of us has a unique way of seeing and perceiving time. Some like to kill time. Some like to save time. Some choose to race against time, while some prefer to take their sweet time. It's fascinating to note that this untapped ability of being able to convey every mood and every emotion makes clocks even more relevant in today's digital age. And with a vision to cater to these myriad moods & emotions, JFC was born.  
The World of Clocks
When it comes to clocks, you rarely see anything different than the classical design. It is iconic but also boring, always telling you the right time yet never really saying anything about you. At JFC, we believe that clocks can be innovative yet personal. that's why only the most unusual and creative clocks from all over the world find their way to JFC, making it home to the largest collection of branded fashion clocks in the country. From classy to sassy, quirky to witty... we give you clocks that compliment your personality. After all every person is unique, so should their clocks be similar?

About the People behind Just for Clocks
Just for Clocks is a brand of S.T.Unicom Pvt. Ltd having an experience of nearly 2 decades in the field of artistic furniture & home decoration. It's this solid foundation of knowledge and service that our customers nationwide have come to depend on us over the past 20 years. Today, we serve an array of clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies, educational institutions and healthcare companies to interior architect assisted homes as well as homes made by independent home builders.